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Site Feasibility and Zoning Analysis
From the very inception RCA provides our clients with the knowledge and expertise necessary to complete a successful project and that includes choosing the proper location

Conceptual Design and Informal Review
RCA provides conceptual design services to take a client’s vision and translate it into a plan that will accentuate a project’s strengths and minimize any concerns. RCA will involve our network of specialty associates at the earliest stages to ensure that our client is provided all the information they need to make a sound decision

Site Plan Preparation
RCA specializes in providing a superior design, timely response and competitive value. Our project managers will be actively involved in preparing all plans and guiding the design to provide the most efficient solution that will meet the applicable requirements. Every project is unique and RCA will utilize our experience and team of specialty associates during all aspects of plan preparation to ensure a superior product is achieved. RCA’s Site Plan Development experience includes:

  Site Layout and Topography
Pump Station Design
Potable Water System Design
Fire Protection System Design

Stormwater Management Design
Sanitary Sewer Design
Roadway Design
Lighting Design
Landscaping Design

Site & Architectural Rendering
RCA and its network of associates can not only provide a superior design but the means to promote it. We can provide our clients many types of computer aided visuals and deliverables including 3 dimensional renderings of a site and building, bird’s eye photographs of a site from any angle, aerial exhibits of a site once developed and many more. These items can be an integral part of creating a successful project.

Permitting Services
Most any project these days requires some form of  Local, County, State or Federal approval to proceed. RCA and its network of associates can help any client navigate the confusing web of regulatory requirements and obtain all necessary approvals from most any agency including Local Planning/Zoning Boards, Local Environmental Commissions or Review Boards, Soil Conservation Districts, County Planning Boards, New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) approvals, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Approvals and many more. RCA has extensive knowledge and experience working with the NJDEP and NJDOT and will be diligent in obtaining a suitable outcome from these and all agencies for any client.

Plot/Grading Plan Preparation
Although capable and competent at handling the largest of projects, RCA remains very active in providing assistance to the average homeowner or local builder.  RCA has prepared hundreds of residential plans for single family homes and the like for clients who are homeowner’s building their dream home, investors looking for a prompt design or builders who need an economical design to pass on to their clients.  Regardless of the circumstance, RCA has significant experience with these clients and projects and can provide a solution to fit any budget. 

Foundation/Pile Plan Preparation
Any structure is only as good as the foundation it is built on. RCA has years of experience designing foundations for all types of residential and small commercial applications. RCA has developed pile plans for the coastal areas and problematic soils since its inception and has the experience to determine how best to keep your investment strong into the future.  In addition to new construction, RCA can provide thier clients with designs for building additions, retrofitting or repairs.  Through the use of spread footings, steel piers, helical piles and grouted mini-piles, RCA can provide a cost effective design to solve your most challenging foundation repairs and retrofits.